Website Design and Maintenance


Here are just a few benefits of a Business Website:
Your content is available 24/7 to a worldwide potential customer base.
Customers can contact you via email on their time, even when your storefront is closed, thus reducing your cost of standard telephone inquiries.
Provides the opportunity for increased exposure via search engines and links to / from other websites
Flyers, Promotions, Sales, or Newsletters can easily be sent via Email or posted directly on the website for instant accessability.
A Website can be as simple as an "Information Only" site or as elaborate as an "E-Commerce" site.

Leavenworth Online can design, implement, and maintain your website allowing you to focus on your core business. Please call so we may further explore your business' needs and expectations for an online presence.


Web Design: $55.00 per hour (minimum initial charge of 6 hours = $330.00)
Web Design Update: $65.00 per hour (billed in 30 minute increments)

Data Base Design: $85.00 per hour (minimum initial charge of 20 hours = $1,300.00)
Data Base Update: $85.00 per hour (billed in 30 minute increments)
If Leavenworth Online designs & hosts your new website, the $100.00 server setup fee will be waived.


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