Enterprise High Speed Internet Access Products and Services Offered

In addition to DSL and Wireless, Leavenworth Online has multiple options for business dedicated Internet access. If your company requires dedicated bandwidth for mission critical applications or services, or has dedicated servers on site, Leavenworth Online can help. From dedicated dial-up or ISDN to multiple megabit bandwidth solutions, we have a solution to fill your needs.
  • Business Dial-Up - 56k V.90
    Provides your home/small office with extremely cost effective Internet Access.
  • ISDN - 64k/128k
    Faster than dial-up speeds at a cost less than larger bandwidth options
  • Fractional T1 - 128k, 256k, 384k, 512k or 768k
    T1 - 1.5MB
    NxT1 - 3.0MB to 12.0MB
    DS3, Fiber and above
    Many times faster than any dediated dialup connection with the capacity to handle multiple computers on your network. A T1 is the ideal solution when your business requires extra bandwith for dedicated applications, on-site server hosting, video teleconferencing, and demands stability and performance that cable and DSL cannot provide.

    Please contact us so we may find the solution that best fits your business' needs.


Business Wireless High Speed Internet Access (call for availability)

Business High Speed Wireless Internet Access is available in Leavenworth, Atchison and Winchester, Kansas. Please call for plan options and pricing.


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